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Is IVF beneficial for me? Who can benefit from IVF?

While IVF is magic for couple who can't conceive, the chances vary between couple. This article articulates that.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a fertility treatment that can benefit individuals and couples facing various reproductive challenges. Here are some scenarios in which IVF may be recommended:

  1. Female Infertility:

    1. Women with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes.

    2. Women with ovulation disorders.

    3. Women with endometriosis affecting fertility.

  2. Male Infertility:

    1. Men with low sperm count or poor sperm motility.

    2. Men with genetic conditions affecting fertility.

  3. Unexplained Infertility:

    • Couples who have undergone extensive fertility testing without a clear cause for infertility.
  4. Recurrent Pregnancy Loss:

    • Couples experiencing repeated miscarriages.

  5. Age-Related Infertility:

    • Women of advanced maternal age, as fertility tends to decline with age.

  6. Same-Sex Couples:

    • Same-sex couples, especially those where both partners are biologically unable to conceive.

  7. Single Individuals:

    • Individuals who want to pursue parenthood without a partner.

  8. Genetic Concerns:

    • Couples with a history of genetic disorders who may benefit from pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT) during IVF.

  9. Preservation of Fertility:

    • Individuals facing medical treatments (such as chemotherapy) that may impact fertility may choose to undergo IVF for egg or sperm preservation before treatment.

  10. Surrogacy:

    • Couples or individuals who are unable to carry a pregnancy to term may opt for gestational surrogacy, where the embryo is implanted into a surrogate’s uterus.

Decision to pursue IVF is typically made in consultation with fertility specialists who assess the specific circumstances and provide personalised recommendations based on the underlying causes of infertility.

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