About Altius hospital

Altius Hospitals, Bangalore, has evolved as a leader in the healthcare system because of its integrated model that combines all services under one roof. From Cardiology and 24/7 emergency care to dialysis treatment and outpatient treatments – Altius offers it all! Our world-class chain of multi-specialty hospitals aims to treat people, not diseases. We use cutting-edge technology and harness health for all our patients so they can live their best lives possible. The Altius team has the best medical professionals providing excellent care, coupled with their rich experience and expertise using state-of-the-art technology. The hospital also offers comprehensive heart care, diagnostics, and treatment. The patients can now avail  cardiac care with our state-of-the-art GE – IGS 520 cath lab.

Our Mission

Healthcare, in many places in India has become purely transactional. At Altius, we want to deliver a patient-centric, care focussed healthcare experience while at the same time maintaining a higher standard of care and service excellence

Our Vision

At Altius, our vision is to bring positive impact in the life of people by providing empathic, affordable, high quality healthcare. We aspire to bring smiles on the faces of atleast 1 million Indians over the next decade

what makes us different

The values we live by


At Altius Hospital, we prioritize quality in every aspect of healthcare, from cutting-edge medical treatments to compassionate patient care, ensuring our commitment to excellence is evident in every healing touch and diagnostic precision


Altius Hospital relentlessly pursues excellence in medical innovation, personalized patient care, and staff expertise. We set the bar high, aiming not just to meet but to exceed expectations, delivering healthcare that stands out for its exceptional standards


Our foundation rests on unwavering integrity at Altius Hospital, where honesty, ethics, and transparency guide our interactions. We prioritize trust-building with patients, fostering a healthcare environment built on the principles of accountability and reliability


Respecting the inherent worth and dignity of every individual, Altius Hospital ensures a compassionate and inclusive healthcare experience. We champion a patient-centered approach that upholds the dignity and autonomy of each person, fostering a healing environment built on empathy and understanding.