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Scarless Laparoscopic Procedures at Altius

Welcome to Altius Hospital in Bangalore, the recommended place for advanced laparoscopic surgeries by doctors across South India. Under Dr. B Ramesh, our medical director and renowned laparoscopic surgeon, Altius is known for top-quality care in minimally invasive procedures, ensuring quick recoveries. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ramesh at Altius Hospital now. Your health matters to us!

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Next day discharge Scarless procedures Minimal blood loss NABH Accredited Surgeries only if required
Next day discharge Scarless procedures Minimal blood loss NABH Accredited Surgeries only if required
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Advantages & Benefits of 3D-Laparoscopy

  • Smaller Incisions:

    Primary benefit of laparoscopy is the use of small incisions, typically less than an inch. This results in reduced trauma to the surrounding tissues and muscles compared to larger incisions used in open surgery.

  • Faster Recovery Time:

    Patients often experience a quicker recovery with laparoscopy compared to open surgery. Smaller incisions lead to less postoperative pain and discomfort, allowing individuals to return to normal activities sooner.

  • Reduced Blood Loss:

    Because laparoscopic procedures involve smaller incisions and the use of specialized instruments, there is generally less blood loss during surgery compared to traditional open procedures.

  • Lower Infection Rates:

    The risk of postoperative infections is reduced with laparoscopy. Smaller incisions result in less exposure of internal organs to external contaminants, lowering the chances of infections.

  • Less Scarring:

    Smaller incisions in laparoscopic surgery result in smaller scars compared to the larger scars associated with open surgery. 

  • Shorter Hospital Stay:

    Laparoscopic procedures often require shorter hospital stays compared to open surgeries. In some cases, patients may even undergo certain laparoscopic procedures as outpatient surgery, returning home on the same day.

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3D laparoscopy refers to a minimally invasive surgical technique that utilizes three-dimensional imaging technology to enhance the visualization of the surgical field during laparoscopic procedures. This innovative technique enhances depth accuracy, offering surgeons an improved ability to judge distances between instruments and the organs. 3D laparoscopy aims to optimize surgeon ergonomics by creating a visual environment that is more natural and intuitive.

1. Visualization: Involves a three-dimensional camera system, providing surgeons with enhanced depth perception. This can potentially improve the precision of movements during surgery.

2. Depth Perception: Offers improved depth perception, making it easier for surgeons to judge distances between instruments and tissues.

3. High-Resolution Imaging: Generally offers high-resolution 3D images, potentially improving the surgeon's ability to visualize and manipulate tissues more accurately.

4. Surgeon Ergonomics: Aims to provide a more natural and intuitive visual experience for surgeons, potentially reducing the learning curve and improving hand-eye coordination.

Laparoscopic procedures may seem slightly expensive initially, but the overall cost often balances out when considering various factors. The higher upfront cost is because of the specialized equipment and advanced technology used in laparoscopic surgeries. However, benefits of laparoscopic procedures often include shorter hospital stays, quicker recovery times, and reduced post-operative discomfort. In the long run, these advantages can lead to cost savings due to lower recovery and rehabilitation expenses. Additionally, the precision of laparoscopic surgery may reduce the risk of complications, further contributing to the overall value of the procedure. Our goal at Altius Hospital is to provide optimal care, and we are committed to discussing all aspects of your treatment, including financial considerations, to ensure transparency and peace of mind.

With 30+ years of experience under his belt, our lead laparoscopic surgeon, Dr. B Ramesh has the experience of handling most complex cases. Gynaecologists from across South India refer their complex surgical cases to Dr. B Ramesh. With latest 3d laparoscopic facilities, an experienced surgeon and accessible centres in Rajajinagar and HBR layout in Bangalore, it is safe to say that Altius is the best laparoscopic surgery centre in Karnataka.

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