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"Dr Ramesh sir is very good person. Recommended for all infertility issues. All doctors and staff arehaving friendly natures. always above expectation. Personal care and service by all and doctor fantastic ...... I appreciate all the work from day to night duty staff nurses......."

Rajesh R

"Specialized hospital for infertility, IVF and urogynaecologists. Staffs are very co-operating and very good ambience. My Wife treated for endometriosis cyst and safe now."



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Not everyone needs an IVF. It is the last resort in fertility treatments. Talk to our doctors today. We will explore all options before resorting to IVF

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Choosing the best IVF hospital is an important decision and involves considering various factors. Here are some factors to help you make an informed decision:

  • Doctor's Credentials: It's always wise to choose doctor's with strong background in fertility treatment. At Altius, under the leadership of Dr. Ramesh , whose twenty years of experience in the field and credentials speak for itself, each one of the fertility experts are well trained and have multiple years of experience in fertility treatment and handling complex cases.
  • Success Rates: A clinic's success rate becomes another major determining factor in finalising where you obtain the treatment from. At Altius, our success rates have been above 70% every year and reaching as high as 75% without filtering for any demographics or fudging the data.
  • Technology and Facilities: Advanced equipment and up-to-date technology can increase the success of IVF procedures. At Altius, we have invested in latest technology and equipments to ensure our patients have the highest chance of becoming parents in their first attempt.
  • Cost and Financial Considerations : Cost is another major factor in deciding between hospitals. Understanding the hidden charges beforehand is critical too. At Altius, we have made our entire process efficient and with our in house labs and experts, We are able to offer the best quality treatment at lowest cost for our patients. To reduce the burden further, we also provide EMI(Equated Monthly Instalment) options for our patients. (Please do enquire our team about available No cost EMI offers which we run regularly)

Remember that choosing an IVF hospital is a personal decision, and what may be the best fit for one person might not be for another. Take your time to weigh these factors and choose a hospital that aligns with your preferences and needs.

  1. Self-Owned Facility: Altius owns its operational space, eliminating the need for rental expenses.
  2. Decades of Experience: With over 25 years of operational experience and a track record of over a lakh procedures, Altius has established strong relationships with vendors, securing favourable pricing.
  3. In-House Expertise: With a family of doctors, Altius relies on its internal team without the need for external consultants, minimising costs.
  4. Renowned Specialist: Dr. Ramesh's global reputation allows Altius to procure state-of-the-art equipment for OTs and IVF labs at competitive prices, as equipment providers consider it an honour to have their products used by a clinician of his caliber.
  5. Integrated Para-Medical Collaboration: The collaborative efforts of para-medical staff across all departments contribute to efficient and cost-effective patient care.
  6. Physician-Powered Efficiency: Altius, as a doctor-led brand with a family of doctors, strategically operates without a separate corporate team for marketing and management. This approach not only leverages in-house expertise but also minimizes administrative costs by eliminating the need for external consultants.

Absolutely not. Altius hospital is dedicated to providing high-quality, evidence-based fertility treatments. Our experienced team of fertility specialists, state-of-the-art facilities, and advanced technologies remain uncompromised. We prioritize your well-being and success throughout the entire IVF journey.Our legacy of 20 plus years in fertility treatments speaks about our quality of care offered to our patients.

Yes, we have strategic tie ups with banking partners to provide EMI(Equated Monthly Instalment) options. We also have No cost EMI offers from time to time. Please do get in touch with us and our team will work with you to find a solution that suits your budget and requirements. 

Yes, a significant number of couples come to us after the failure of their initial attempt. Our experienced fertility experts carefully assess each unique case and after a thorough evaluation suggest you the further course of treatment. 

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